Am I Mature Enough?

Through tears, your friend shares that her marriage is in turmoil. In a moment of vulnerability your neighbor shares that she is interested in learning what the Bible is all about. Your child struggles to overcome image issues every time she gets dressed or has time out with friends. A woman approaches you about the … Continue reading Am I Mature Enough?

Top Books of 2018 & 2019

One of the most effective ways to grow and thrive in our downtime is by reading good books. Spiritual disciplines should always have first priority, and good resources enhance what we learn through those disciplines. Christian books provide a source of teaching outside of church or the classroom. Because I'm an avid reader who loves … Continue reading Top Books of 2018 & 2019

Engage the mind to reach the heart

I originally entered my Christian college not realizing that biblical literacy means nothing if it is purely academic. When women tell me that they can't understand the Bible quite like someone with a college degree, I can't stop from blurting out the fact that I almost aced my college Bible courses without truly knowing my … Continue reading Engage the mind to reach the heart

Extending grace both ways

A huge chasm often exists in the church. On one side of the chasm we have women who have experienced infertility, miscarriage, or both. On the other side we have women who have not experienced these trials. This chasm doesn’t need to exist, and in fact, God doesn’t want it to exist at all. The … Continue reading Extending grace both ways

When sin stunts spiritual growth

The path of sanctification is not a smooth line upward to Christ-likeness. Sometimes that line doesn't even look like it's going up. Christ has made us righteous, and we feel the exhilaration of spiritual growth in our life, then we fall into sin and struggle to overcome temptation. Now what? Paul addresses some believers in … Continue reading When sin stunts spiritual growth