Top Books of 2018 & 2019

One of the most effective ways to grow and thrive in our downtime is by reading good books. Spiritual disciplines should always have first priority, and good resources enhance what we learn through those disciplines. Christian books provide a source of teaching outside of church or the classroom. Because I’m an avid reader who loves to share good books, I have made a list of books that are some of my favorites from the last couple of years. A new year provides new opportunities for reading challenges, so if you have any room on your shelves and like recommendations, here are some I would love for you to consider.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase through one of my links, I may earn a small percentage at no additional cost to you.

The Storm-Tossed Family: How the Cross Reshapes the Home

One thing I love about The Storm-Tossed Family is that it is pertinent to any kind of family. Whether your kids are grown, young, adopted, biological, Moore speaks broadly yet helpfully about what keeps us stable during tumultuous times.

Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments

I have been listening to the Risen Motherhood podcast for several months now, but I have friends that have listened to it since almost the beginning. Emily and Laura speak practically about the gospel giving hope during the daily moments of motherhood. This book is geared for moms with young children because their own children are still young, and it is filled with gospel gold. Their ability to speak wisdom for mothers with children with special needs is especially beautiful.

For the Love of Discipline: When the Gospel Meets Tantrums and Time-Outs

This is the first book that I’ve read by Sara Wallace, but I have already picked up her newest book Created to Care: God’s Truth for Anxious Moms. I haven’t read her newest one yet, but her book on discipline really helped me align my heart with God’s intent for discipline. This doesn’t just contain good theology, though. The practical tips are easily adaptable for your family, and her graciousness is evident throughout all of her writing.

5 Things to Pray for Your Kids

While this book may seem to focus only on parents, I think this resource is good for anyone who knows a child. Teachers, aunts, neighbors, Sunday School and nursery workers, really anyone who has any contact with children can use this prayer tool. Each page is concise and helpful for how to use Scripture to pray for a child. I have used this often for my family.

Sing a New Song: A Woman’s Guide to the Psalms

I have an intense love for the Psalms, so my husband set me up with a few books for a deeper study of the book. This resource is my favorite, and I have already shared this book with a few of my friends. Every Psalm has two pages of content including the type of Psalm, verse by verse explanations, connections to Jesus, and additional passages to aid in study. Since each chapter is only two pages, I found that I had plenty of time to journal, pray, and think through each passage without taking more time than I had as a busy mom.

Refresh: Embracing a Grace-Paced Life in a World of Endless Demands & Reset: Living a Grace-Paced Life in a Burnout Culture

Ever feel like life has gotten ahead of you, and you don’t know how to keep up? Well, please consider this book. Refresh is meant specifically for women, and Reset is geared for men. The couple co-wrote these to provide a biblical approach to being overwhelmed, depressed, overworked, or simply busy. I have not read Reset, but my husband highly recommends it, and I know that a lot of the content between books overlaps. Shona Murray also adds a unique perspective as a medical doctor, pastor’s wife, and mother.

The Gospel Comes with a House Key: Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post-Christian World

Reading this book literally changed my home. As one who is an introvert but desires to be hospitable, this was exactly what I needed. While Rosaria’s hospitality may be too difficult for many homes to handle, she offers a good starting point with a biblical perspective. From there, God helps you see opportunities and understand how you can make hospitality happen. Plus, her writing style is beautiful!

Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul

Humble Root seems like a perfect recommendation from a blog called Rooted & Grounded! Hannah’s study of humility is beautiful, from her analogies to plants to her use of Scripture. I was challenged, rebuked, and encouraged with every chapter. She has become one of my favorite authors.

Adopted For Life

Our church has steadily grown an amazing heart for fostering and adoption. Many of my friends have made the big leap to grow their family through these avenues. I picked this up to see if God was working in our family in those ways, and while we haven’t been able to do anything yet, this book helped me see God’s plan for adoption. My eyes have been opened the the fact that believers must all support this endeavor in some way because God has adopted us into his family. (I want to warn you that I cried significantly through this book!)

Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family

I’ll admit that I have included a lot of books geared for parents already, but I couldn’t leave this one out. Any parent knows that having kids really exposes the sin that is in your heart, and I picked this book up after countless days of discouragement about my sins. I found this to be exactly what I need in rebuke and encouragement.

Messy Beautiful Friendship

Are friendships as difficult for you to maneuver as they are for me? Most of my life has been so temporary (several significant moves in the last decade) that I discovered how horrible I am at developing deep friendships. Since I’ve read this I don’t look at friendships with despair anymore, and God has put so many wonderful people in my life who have been incredibly gracious. I keep picking up Christine Hoover’s books whenever I can because I appreciate her perspective so much.

Whether you are a fellow bibliophile or just interested in growing in a certain topic, I hope you get an opportunity to pick up one of these books. If you do, please let me know what you think!

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